Law Firm Scanning

Your Law Firm Files @ Your Fingertips

Law Firm Scanning

Uniquely designed for law firms to increase efficiency, security and client services

ForensiS, founded in South Florida in 2003, has assisted thousands of law firms with the transition of moving from inefficient paper based archiving systems into completely digital document archive environments.

Instead of storing your files in your office, using a 3rd party storage company, or trying to perform the scanning yourself, ForensiS has created a full service digital scanning and hosting service designed specifically for law firms. Our services were uniquely designed for law firms to increase efficiency, security and client services; all while driving down or eliminating costs.

Law firms of all sizes, ranging from sole practitioners to 100+ attorney firms, rely on ForensiS for:
• Back file conversion (scanning all previously closed paper based files)
• Day forward scanning (setting up a service where ForensiS scans all new files on a repeat basis)
• A combination of both services (back file & day forward services)

Scanning Services for Law Firms

  • Supplies: ForensiS will provide client with ForensiS boxes for shipment.
  • Pickup: ForensiS will pick up boxes from client’s facility.
  • Indexing: Each file will be indexed on the main folder level and sub-indexed on the subfolder level or partition level.
  • Document Preparation: All binding instruments will be removed from files prior to scanning.
  • Scanning: All documents will be scanned at 300DPI into text searchable PDF’s.
  • Full Quality Assurance: Every image scanned will be analyzed to make sure it is an exact duplication of the original.
  • Optical Character Recognition: All documents will go through the OCR process, rendering all images text searchable.
  • Output: All files will be delivered on DVD’s and hosted on
  • Secure Shredding: ForensiS will hold all physical files for a period of 30 days then securely shred the files.
  • Two Hour Guarantee on File Requests: While the files are being processed at Forensis, if client needs access to a document or file, ForensiS will securely email the document or file to client within 2 hours of request.

Finished Product

  • Hosting on ForensiS will create a customized and secure web-based document review repository for your firm. We will create as many users as your firm needs, with permission levels based on each user’s role within the firm. Your document repository will be equipped with an advanced search engine, along with many additional features. To learn more about, please click here.
  • Backup CD’s: We provide you with 2 duplicate copies of all files scanned for backup redundancy purposes.


  • Instant access to all closed documents. Ability to search and locate files and documents in seconds.
  • Increase in security and redundancy
  • Reduction or complete elimination of storage costs
  • Liberate office space
  • Enhance client retention


ForensiS provides our law firms clients with flat fee pricing (either by the matter or by the box). Because ForensiS provides flat fee pricing, many of our law firm clients pass the nominal digital archive fee directly to their clients as a cost, resulting in no out of pocket expense for the law firm. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.