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Business Document Scanning Services

ForensiS is uniquely situated to address the specific needs of each business by creating customized solutions

Businesses from numerous industries are turning to ForensiS for business document scanning services and are experiencing large cost reductions and increases in efficiency and security. The team at ForensiS understands that no two businesses are the same. As such, ForensiS is uniquely situated to address the specific needs of each business by creating customized solutions.

Efficiency and Security

ForensiS will provide your company with a complimentary and comprehensive evaluation to learn all the aspects of your company by gathering relevant information regarding work flow. Once a thorough evaluation has been executed, ForensiS will make an individually tailored recommendation regarding the type of document management services that will increase your efficiency, productivity, security and ultimately your bottom line.

Business Document Scanning Service Includes:
  • Supplies: ForensiS will provide client with ForensiS boxes for shipment.
  • Pickup: ForensiS will pick up boxes from client’s facility.
  • Indexing: Each file will be indexed on the main folder level and sub-indexed on the subfolder level or partition level.
  • Document Preparation: All binding instruments will be removed from files prior to scanning.
  • Scanning: All documents will be scanned at 300DPI into text searchable PDF’s.
  • Full Quality Assurance: Every image scanned will be analyzed to make sure it is an exact duplication of the original.
  • Optical Character Recognition: All documents will go through the OCR process, rendering all images text searchable.
  • Output: All files will be delivered on DVD’s and hosted on 
  • Secure Shredding: ForensiS will hold all physical files for a period of 30 days then securely shred the files.
  • Two Hour Guarantee on File Requests: While the files are being processed at ForensiS, if client needs access to a document or file, ForensiS will securely email the document or file to client within 2 hours of request.
  • Secure Shredding: Contact Forensis’ and inquire about our business document scanning services today.

Ready to start reaping the benefits?
Use ForensiS services for any of the following:

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Human Resources

Tax Documents

Bills of Lading


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