THE KEY TO CLOSING. LITERALLY. UNLOCK THE “WOW” FACTOR AT YOUR NEXT CLOSING! What is better than providing something of value that will impress your clients at the closing table?

In a competitive market, the Digital Closing Package is uniquely designed to amaze your clients so they keep coming back for more. The entire Digital Closing Package system is designed so that realtors and lenders send you more business, the realtors and lenders get more repeat business all while your client is provided a secure and convenient method of storing, viewing and printing their important closing documents.

Step 1

Provide the USB at closing

USB Key & Business card keychain

  • Uniquely branded for your company with serial number
  • No information is stored on the key
  • Transports client to a securely branded site

An easy and efficient experience for the title agent

  • Provide a USB key to your clients at closing
  • USB Key is branded with a key chain containing your business card
  • Simply log the unique USB key number, email address and file information into Forensis’ online system
Step 2

Scan and upload
the closing package

Step 3

Buyer inserts USB key which takes them to a secure site

Step 4

Buyer can access
the closing package

A memorable experience for your clients
  • Client inserts the USB key into their computer
  • Transports Client to secure site
  • Site is branded with all pertinent information and logos from title agent, real estate agent and mortgage company
  • Client can view their closing package and contact you or your strategic partners directly from the site
Everybody wins
  • You: Provides your company a valuable marketing piece with full tracking. Your title company will get more repeat business and more new business from your lenders and realtors.
  • Strategic Partners: Provides your Mortgage & Real Estate partners marketing on the site which will in turn provide them with more repeat business
  • Client: Provides your client instant and secure access to their closing documents vs Other methods
Document Security Yes No No No
Customer Tracking Yes No No No
Export Marketing List Yes No No No
Strategic Email Marketing Yes No No No
Advertising for Mortgage and Real Estate Partners Yes No No No
Ability to Add Documents Yes No No No
Wow Factor Yes No No No
Outdated No Yes Yes Yes
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