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Frequently Asked Questions

What is document scanning?

Document scanning is the process of converting physical documents into digital format using a scanner. Forensis specializes in providing comprehensive document scanning solutions to digitize your paper documents.

Why should I consider document scanning for my business?

Document scanning can help streamline your business processes by reducing paper clutter, improving access to information, and increasing efficiency in document management. Forensis offers tailored scanning solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

What types of documents can be scanned?

Virtually any type of document can be scanned, including paper documents, photographs, receipts, invoices, contracts, and more. Forensis handles a wide range of document types for scanning.

What are the benefits of document scanning?

The benefits of document scanning include reduced storage space, improved document security, easier document retrieval, enhanced collaboration, and reduced environmental impact. Forensis can help you realize these benefits with our scanning services.

How does document scanning improve efficiency in my organization?

Document scanning eliminates the need for manual document handling and reduces the time spent searching for and retrieving documents. It also enables remote access to documents and facilitates faster decision-making processes. Forensis specializes in optimizing document workflows to improve efficiency.

Is document scanning secure?

Yes, Forensis employs advanced security measures to protect sensitive information, including encryption, access controls, and secure storage protocols.

How are scanned documents stored and organized?

Scanned documents can be stored and organized in digital document management systems, where they can be indexed, tagged, and categorized for easy retrieval. Forensis offers customizable storage and organization solutions tailored to your needs along with our our own web-based document portal called MyForensis.com.

Can I access scanned documents remotely?

Yes, Forensis offers remote access to scanned documents through our secure online portal, allowing you to access your documents from anywhere, anytime.

What formats are available for scanned documents?

Scanned documents from Forensis can be saved in various formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG, depending on your organization’s requirements.

How does OCR (Optical Character Recognition) work in document scanning?

OCR technology converts scanned images of text into editable and searchable text, allowing for easy indexing, searching, and retrieval of documents. Forensis utilizes OCR technology to enhance the usability of your scanned documents.

Frequently asked questions

Can scanned documents be edited or searched?

Yes, scanned documents with OCR text can be searched. For them to be edited, you would need to extract the OCR text and put it into an editable format.

What is the difference between simplex and duplex scanning?

Simplex scanning captures images on one side of a document, while duplex scanning captures images on both sides simultaneously, resulting in faster scanning of double-sided documents. Forensis offers both simplex and duplex scanning options to meet your needs.

What types of scanners are suitable for document scanning?

Depending on the document type, Forensis utilizes various types of scanners including flat bed scanners, sheet-fed low-speed scanners, sheet-fed high-speed scanners, large format scanners, and even X-Ray scanners.

Is there a limit to the size or quantity of documents that can be scanned?

Forensis can handle documents of various sizes and quantities, from single-page documents to large volumes of files. There is no limit to the size or quantity of documents that can be scanned. However, for free pickup in the tri-county area, Forensis requires a 2 box minimum.

Are there any legal or regulatory requirements for document scanning?

Depending on the industry and the type of documents being scanned, there may be legal and regulatory requirements for document scanning, such as compliance with privacy laws and retention requirements. Forensis ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and can provide you regulatory information regarding your industry.

What steps are involved in the document scanning process?

The document scanning process typically involves preparation, scanning, indexing, quality control, and storage or delivery of scanned documents. Forensis follows a structured process to ensure accuracy and efficiency in every step.

How can I ensure the quality of scanned documents?

Forensis employs quality control measures such as resolution settings, color calibration, and image enhancement techniques to ensure the quality of scanned documents. We prioritize accuracy and clarity in every scan and unlike most scanning companies, we look at every image during quality assurance to make sure it is an exact duplication of the original.

Can I scan documents of different sizes and shapes?

Yes, Forensis can handle documents of various sizes and shapes, including standard paper sizes, receipts, business cards, and even large plans or blue prints. Our scanners are equipped to handle a wide range of document types.

What is the cost of document scanning services?

The cost of document scanning services from Forensis varies depending on factors such as the volume and complexity of the documents, the level of service required, and any additional features or customization. We offer competitive pricing and transparent billing. Contact us for a complimentary quote!

Are there any ongoing fees associated with document scanning?

Forensis offers flexible pricing options with no hidden fees or surprises. Our pricing is transparent, and there are no ongoing fees associated with document scanning services unless specified in your service agreement.

Does Forensis offer onsite and office scanning services?

Yes, Forensis offers both onsite and office scanning services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our onsite scanning service allows us to bring our scanning equipment and expertise directly to your location, minimizing disruption to your operations and ensuring the security of your sensitive documents. Additionally, our office scanning service provides a convenient solution for clients who prefer to have their documents scanned at our secure facility. Whether you require scanning at your premises or ours, Forensis is committed to delivering efficient, accurate, and reliable scanning services tailored to your specific requirements.

What happens to the original documents after they are scanned?

After documents are scanned by Forensis, they can be returned to you, securely stored, or securely destroyed, depending on your preferences and any legal or regulatory requirements.

Can scanned documents be backed up or archived?

Yes, Forensis offers backup and archiving services for scanned documents to ensure long-term storage and retrieval. We utilize digital document management systems or cloud storage solutions for secure and reliable archiving.

Are there any additional services available with document scanning, such as indexing or metadata tagging?

Yes, Forensis offers a range of additional services to complement document scanning, including indexing, metadata tagging, data extraction, and document conversion. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and requirements.

How long has Forensis been in business?

Forensis has provided professional document scanning services for thousands of companies since 2003. With over 21 years of experience and one of the pioneers in the industry, we hope we can show you our outstanding quality, and extraordinary customer services, all at an affordable price and with a quick turnaround!

Will Forensis provide references?

Yes, Forensis is happy to provide references upon request. We understand the importance of choosing a reliable and trustworthy document scanning service provider, and we are confident in the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional scanning services to businesses across various industries, and we are proud to share testimonials and references from satisfied clients who have experienced the benefits of partnering with Forensis. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to request references or learn more about our services.

Will Forensis provide Insurance information?

Yes, Forensis is committed to transparency and providing our clients with peace of mind. We are fully insured and can provide insurance information upon request. Our insurance coverage includes general and professional liability insurance to protect against unforeseen events and ensure that your valuable documents are safeguarded throughout the scanning process. We understand the importance of protecting your assets and data, and we take every precaution to mitigate risks and provide a secure scanning environment. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to receive more information about our insurance coverage or have any other questions regarding our services.

Will Forensis provide a sample scan?

Yes, Forensis is pleased to offer a sample scan for our prospective clients. We understand the importance of ensuring the quality and accuracy of our scanning services before committing to a larger project. Typically, we can provide a free sample scan for one banker box of documents. This allows you to experience the quality of our scanning process, assess the results, and make an informed decision about moving forward with our services. Please contact us to arrange a sample scan and discover the benefits of partnering with Forensis for your document scanning needs.

Where are the documents scanned?

All work during the entire scanning process is done at our facility in Miami, FL. At Forensis, we prioritize security, confidentiality, and quality control, which is why we handle all scanning operations in-house. Unlike some of our competitors who outsource work to foreign countries, we maintain full control over the scanning process to ensure the safety and integrity of your sensitive documents. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced scanning equipment and stringent security measures to protect your data at every step of the process. Rest assured that your documents are in good hands with Forensis.

How do I get started with document scanning services for my business?

To get started with Forensis document scanning services for your business, simply contact us to discuss your requirements, obtain a quote, and schedule a consultation or demonstration. We look forward to helping you streamline your document management processes and achieve your business goals.