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Litigation Support Services

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Litigation Support Service

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Welcome to Forensis, your trusted partner in the world of litigation support services. In an ever-evolving legal landscape where precision and comprehensive analysis are paramount, Forensis stands as a beacon of expertise and excellence. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technology combine to provide a wide spectrum of litigation support services, delivering the insight and evidence necessary for successful legal strategies. With a proven track record of assisting attorneys, businesses, and government agencies, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of support. Discover how Forensis can empower your legal endeavors and turn complexity into clarity with our professional litigation support service. 

Litigation support services for law firms of all sizes

Litigation Support Service Offerings


We offer an extensive array of litigation support services, including our comprehensive file conversion solutions. In today’s digital era, the need for seamlessly converting and managing diverse file formats is more critical than ever. Our skilled team and state-of-the-art technology are dedicated to transforming various document types into user-friendly, accessible, and secure digital formats. Whether you require the conversion of paper documents to electronic files, the standardization of mixed-format data, or the optimization of large-scale data migration, Forensis ensures that your information remains accurate, organized, and readily accessible. Count on us to streamline your document management needs, enhance efficiency, and empower your legal strategies by leveraging the advantages of our file conversion services. With Forensis, your legal documents are in expert hands, transforming complexity into simplicity.


Forensis is at the forefront of providing comprehensive litigation support services, and we are proud to offer Relativity hosting as part of our suite of cutting-edge solutions for litigators. Relativity is a powerful and widely recognized eDiscovery platform, and our hosting services ensure that your legal team has seamless and secure access to this invaluable tool. With our expert guidance and reliable infrastructure, you can confidently manage, review, and analyze vast amounts of electronic data, all while maintaining the highest standards of security and confidentiality. Whether it’s for document review, data analysis, or collaboration within your legal team, Forensis’ Relativity hosting service empowers you with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of modern litigation, delivering a competitive edge to your legal strategies. Rely on Forensis to make your eDiscovery process more efficient, precise, and productive.


Our binding service for litigation support is designed to provide you with an efficient and reliable solution for securely organizing and presenting critical legal documents. At Forensis, we understand the importance of clear and organized case materials, which is why we offer high-quality binding services that ensure your documents are professionally assembled and ready for courtroom presentation. Whether you require a polished trial exhibit, deposition transcript, or a comprehensive set of evidentiary documents, our binding service guarantees a polished and well-organized package that meets the highest professional standards. Our attention to detail and commitment to confidentiality make us the partner of choice for attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals seeking top-tier litigation support services. Let us streamline your document management needs, so you can focus on building a strong case.


Forensis’ bates numbering service is a vital component of our comprehensive litigation support offerings. We understand that the organization and management of legal documents is pivotal in any legal proceeding, which is why we excel in providing precise and reliable bates numbering solutions. Our experienced team ensures that each page of your documents is uniquely and sequentially labeled, making it easier to locate, reference, and present evidence in court.

Whether it’s for discovery, trial preparation, or regulatory compliance, our bates numbering service offers a level of precision that instills confidence in your case. With Forensis, you can trust that your documents will be meticulously handled, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation of your legal materials throughout the litigation process.


Forensis proudly extends its comprehensive litigation support services to include high-quality color copying solutions. In the intricate world of legal proceedings, the need for vibrant and accurate reproductions of documents, exhibits, and visual evidence is paramount. Our cutting-edge color copying service is designed to meet this demand, delivering vivid and true-to-life reproductions of your critical legal materials. Whether you require color copies of exhibits for a trial, persuasive visual aids for presentations, or reproductions of intricate documents, Forensis ensures that your materials are reproduced with exceptional clarity and precision. Trust us to add a new dimension to your litigation support needs with our top-tier color copying services, helping you convey your case with the impact it deserves.


At Forensis, we recognize that the legal field often demands a balance between precision and cost-efficiency. That’s why we offer an array of litigation support services, including top-notch black and white copying and printing solutions. Our high-quality monochrome copying and printing services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of legal professionals, providing crisp and clear reproductions of legal documents, case materials, and exhibits. Whether you require large volumes of documents for discovery, court filings, or case management, our services guarantee that every detail remains legible and professional. With Forensis as your trusted partner, you can count on cost-effective and reliable black and white copying and printing solutions.


Forensis offers a comprehensive suite of litigation support services, including our specialized indexing and coding solutions that are designed to bring order and efficiency to the complex world of legal documentation. We understand that meticulous organization and categorization of legal materials are often the keys to a successful case. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of legal indexing, ensuring that your documents are systematically tagged and referenced for easy retrieval. Whether it’s for discovery, trial preparation, or document management, our coding services provide a strategic advantage in your legal endeavors. With Forensis by your side, you can rest assured that your case materials will be expertly indexed and coded, streamlining your access to vital information and reinforcing the foundation of your legal strategy. Discover the power of precision with Forensis, your trusted partner in litigation support.


Forensis takes pride in offering a comprehensive array of litigation support services, including our specialized tabbing service. In the intricate realm of legal documents, the ability to quickly access and navigate critical information is essential. Our tabbing service ensures that your documents are equipped with clear and professional tab dividers, allowing for easy organization and reference. Whether you require tabbed exhibits for trial presentations, organized deposition binders, or indexed case materials, Forensis is your trusted partner in streamlining document management. With our expertise, you can count on your materials being thoughtfully tabbed to facilitate an efficient and well-structured legal case. Let Forensis enhance your litigation support experience with our tabbing service, turning complexity into clarity in the pursuit of legal success. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.


At Forensis, we take pride in offering an extensive range of litigation support services, including our cutting-edge media duplication services. In today’s legal landscape, the importance of accurately replicating and preserving digital evidence cannot be overstated. Our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology are dedicated to delivering high-quality media duplication, ensuring the integrity of your electronic evidence. Whether you require the replication of crucial audio recordings, video files, or digital documents, Forensis has the expertise to handle it all. With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the chain of custody, we provide you with a reliable and secure solution for the replication and preservation of electronic evidence. Trust Forensis to be your partner in ensuring that your digital assets are faithfully duplicated and ready to support your legal strategies.


At Forensis, we offer our advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service. We understand the transformative power of technology in the legal field, and our OCR service exemplifies this by converting printed or handwritten text into editable and searchable digital data. This invaluable tool enhances the efficiency and accessibility of your legal documents, making it easier to extract critical information, conduct thorough keyword searches, and maintain a well-organized digital repository. Whether you need to digitize voluminous case files, enhance the accessibility of historical documents, or simply streamline your document management processes, our OCR service ensures that your materials are more powerful, searchable, and user-friendly. With Forensis, harness the advantages of OCR technology and unlock the potential of your legal materials, turning data into actionable insights.

Our suite of litigation support service at Forensis is tailor-made to empower litigators and legal professionals in their pursuit of legal success. Our binding service ensures your legal documents are professionally assembled and courtroom-ready, presenting a polished image of your case. The Bates labeling service adds precision and organization, allowing for the seamless location and reference of critical evidence. Our advanced color and black and white printing services offer clear and vivid reproductions of materials, from exhibits to intricate documents, making sure your visuals have the impact they deserve. With our indexing service, we provide meticulous organization and categorization of legal materials, streamlining your access to vital information for discovery and trial preparation. Lastly, our tabbing service equips your documents with clear tab dividers, making it easy to navigate and find key information swiftly. At Forensis, we are dedicated to simplifying and enhancing your document management needs, enabling you to focus on building a strong and successful case.

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