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A powerful, yet easy to use, web-based document management suite that empowers your litigation team with the ability to take command of your case files, efficiently and securely.

Designed and developed by Forensis, Mycaseonline.com was created to empower your litigation team with the review and search tools necessary to create a competitive advantage over your opponent(s).

  • No Out of Pocket Expense: Unlike most document management suites, Mycaseonline.com does not require an investment from your firm for hardware purchases, installation fees licensing fees, user fees, maintenance fees, and training fees. We charge a flat fee per case per month based upon storage used, so you can bill the nominal cost directly to your client(s).
  • Unlimited number of users at no additional costs: This allows you to collaborate with your client, expert witnesses, investigators, co-counsel, and/or opposing counsel at no additional costs. With most document review platforms, litigation teams need to buy software licenses for every user that needs access to the files. More often than not, this is cost prohibitive. With MyCaseOnline, you obtain an advantage over your opponent by being able to provide access to anyone that will contribute to helping you win your case. Whether you have 100 users with different permission levels or just 1, the pricing remains the same.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Access your files anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Ease of Use: MyCaseOnline.com was specifically designed to be extremely user friendly, without sacrificing advanced functionality. Full Training takes less than an hour.
  • Full Support: Forensis takes great pride in our unrivaled customer support. We understand that litigation teams, especially when trial is fast approaching, need quick and informative support during business hours, afterhours and/or on the weekends. Forensis’ free 24 hour support is there when you need us.
Web-based document management

MyCaseOnline gives you the ability to take command of your case files, efficiently and securely.


User & Permissions

• Unlimited number of users per case
• Role based permissions
• Guest permissions by individual user or group
• Guest permissions down to the document level

Review Tools

• Flag documents and search flags
• Add notes to documents & search notes
• Mark documents as reviewed
• Copy important documents into KeyDocs
• Create issue & fact folders


• Customize Fields
• Unlimited Number of Fields
• Lookup Table


• Full Text Searching with hit highlighting
• Advanced Searching – Boolean
• Field Searching
• Text Searches within a folder or subfolders
• Text Searches within Notes
• Save Searches
• Export Search Results
• Batch Print Search Results


• Single File Upload (with OCR)
• Multiple File Upload (with OCR)
• Conversion to PDF or Native File Upload
• Upload Log with email verification


• Create your own customized directory tree
• Drag and Drop sorting of files
• Multiple File drop into a folder
• Single File drop into multiple folders
• Move or copy folders to a specified location

Emailing & Extraction

• Email files directly from MyCaseOnline
• Extract pages from PDF’s.

Batch Printing

• Batch print with cover pages


• Export Documents to computer
• Export to Trial Presentation Software

User Security

Single Administrative Account
Unlimited Number of Users
User Restrictions
Guest Accounts
Audit Access Logs
Optional IP Login Restrictions

Physical Security

Myforensis Servers are fully owned property of Forensis Technologies, LLC and are kept in a secure 24 hour Category 5 data center with only authorized personnel having physical access to the servers.

Data Security

Our Data storage Servers are secured with two firewalls and have no direct access to the internet. Your connection to myforensis.com is protected by a 256 bit SSL Certificate and meets the Department of Defense C-2 Security Rating Criteria.

Password Security

All passwords to myforensis.com are dually encrypted by a One-way mathematical algorithm (MD5 Hash) and a Random Value SALT.