A powerful, yet easy to use web based document repository, which empowers your firm or company with the ability to view, search, print, and email documents almost anywhere, anytime. is provided to all repeat Forensis digital archive clients at no charge.

Key Features

Text Searchable

Email Files

Guest Permissions

Directory Tree

Upload Files

Field Editing

Download Files

Scan Files

Access from anywhere


User Security

Single Administrative Account
Unlimited Number of Users
User Restrictions
Guest Accounts
Audit Access Logs
Optional IP Login Restrictions

Physical Security

Myforensis Servers are fully owned property of Forensis Technologies, LLC and are kept in a secure 24 hour Category 5 data center with only authorized personnel having physical access to the servers.

Data Security

Our Data storage Servers are secured with two firewalls and have no direct access to the internet. Your connection to is protected by a 256 bit SSL Certificate and meets the Department of Defense C-2 Security Rating Criteria.

Password Security

All passwords to are dually encrypted by a One-way mathematical algorithm (MD5 Hash) and a Random Value SALT.