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Government Document Scanning Services

Where governments go for the best price and quality for scanning services.

Document Scanning Services Designed Specifically for Governmental Agencies.

ForensiS serves governments on the Federal, State and Local levels. As many governments are trying to become more efficient, many are turning to the digitization of documents to increase efficiency and save money. As a result,  ForensiS has created document scanning services tailored to the unique needs of governmental departments and will work with your team to develop the best solution. Contact Forensis today for government document scanning services.

Federal Government Document Scanning Services by Forensis

Scanning service for government includes:

  • Supplies: ForensiS will provide client with ForensiS boxes for shipment.
  • Pickup: ForensiS will pick up boxes from your facility.
  • Indexing: We will index each file by folder name or predetermined fields.
  • Document Preparation: All binding instruments will be removed from files prior to scanning.
  • Scanning: All documents will be scanned at 300DPI into text searchable PDF’s.
  • Full Quality Assurance: Every image scanned will be analyzed to make sure it is an exact duplication of the original.
  • Optical Character Recognition: All documents will go through the OCR process, rendering all images text searchable.
  • Output: All files will be delivered on DVD’s, CD’s, or Hard-drive and Client has the option for secure file hosting on MyForensis.com
  • Secure Shredding: Lastly, ForensiS will hold all physical files for a period of 30 days and then securely shred the files.
  • Two Hour Guarantee on File Requests: Because clients may need access to files while we are processing them, Forensis provides a 2-hour guarantee on file requests.

No Job too Big or too Small

ForensiS is uniquely situated to offer government document scanning services to both small, medium, or large government offices. We will work with your team to meet all of your goals and objectives.

Onsite and Offsite Services

Depending on the specifications for each job, ForensiS offers government document scanning services both onsite and offsite. For offsite scanning, at our facility, we offer unique services that will allow your office to run smoothly while ForensiS is processing your files. This includes but is not limited to, scan-on-demand service while files are being processed. Furthermore, if you prefer scanning at your facility, ForensiS has a team devoted to Onsite scanning and we can set up a scanning operation at your facility. Learn more about the benefits of scanning services in an article by the National Archives, Why should I scan my records?

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