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West Palm Beach Document Scanning Services

South Florida's leader in document scanning services for over 20 years.


For over 2 decades, Forensis has been headquartered in South Florida, offering comprehensive document scanning services to businesses handling substantial paper volumes. Over these years, Forensis has successfully transformed numerous South Florida enterprises, shifting them from inefficient paper-based archiving setups to highly efficient and secure digital archive solutions.

Bid farewell to traditional office file storage, reliance on third-party storage providers, or attempting to scan in-house. ForensiS introduces an all-inclusive digital scanning and hosting service, enhancing both efficiency and security.

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West Palm Beach Scanning Services Includes:

Explore ForensiS’ Distinctive Edge through Tailored and All-Encompassing Document Management Solutions, Crafted to Suit Every Industry’s Unique Requirements. Our Services are Customized to Enhance Efficiency and Accessibility Across the Document Lifecycle.

  • SUPPLIES: Depend on ForensiS for Robust and Secure ForensiS Boxes, Safeguarding Your Precious Documents.
  • PICKUP: Embrace Convenience as ForensiS Directly Collects Boxes from Your Office(s).
  • INDEXING: Effortless Searching Awaits with Methodically Organized Files, Tailored via Custom Fields.
  • DOCUMENT PREPARATION: Rest Assured as Binding Elements are Meticulously Removed Before Scanning.
  • SCANNING: Reap Top-Notch Quality with 300DPI Scans, Yielding Text-Searchable PDFs for Effortless Retrieval.
  • COMPLETE QUALITY ASSURANCE: We Pledge Each Scanned Image Mirrors the Original, Backed by Rigorous Quality Checks.
  • OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR): Empower Swift Data Retrieval with Advanced OCR, Transforming Images into Text-Searchable Format. To learn more about OCR, Click here!
  • OUTPUT: For Redundancy, Your Files are Delivered Securely via DVDs or Hard Drives. Secure Shredding: Benefit from Three Months of Secure Storage before Physical Files are Securely Shredded.
  • TWO-HOUR FILE REQUEST GUARANTEE: Urgently Need a Document? Count on ForensiS to Securely Email Requested Files within Two Hours during Processing.
  • INTEGRATION WITH MYFORENSIS.com: Post-Scanning, Files are Uploaded to Your Digital Library on MyForensis.com—A Secure Web-Based Repository. Click here to learn more about MyForensis.com

Opt for ForensiS for Your Document Management Needs, and Experience Optimized Workflows that Amplify Efficiency and Accessibility for Your Enterprise. Get in Touch Today to Revolutionize Your Document-Handling Processes.

Industries Served

At Forensis, we understand that the diverse needs of various industries require tailored solutions. That’s why our West Palm Beach Scanning Services have been meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re in healthcare, legal, finance, or any other industry, our services are crafted to ensure efficiency, security, and seamless integration into your workflow. Explore a new era of document management with Forensis, where precision meets versatility.

Law Firms
Law Firm Scanning Services

Patient Chart and Medical Record Scanning

Real Estate
Real Estate Document Scanning Services

Government Document Scanning

Business Document Scanning


Unlock Efficiency and Security with Forensis

Tailored Solutions for Every Industry: Forensis understands that each industry has unique document management needs. Our scanning services are meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, legal, finance, and more. We tailor our solutions to fit seamlessly into your industry’s workflow, ensuring a perfect match for your specific requirements.

Precision and Accuracy: Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of manual document handling. With Forensis, experience the precision and accuracy of advanced scanning technologies. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures crystal-clear scans, preserving the integrity of your documents while enhancing accessibility.

Enhanced Security Measures: Protecting your sensitive information is our top priority. Forensis employs cutting-edge security measures throughout the scanning process to safeguard your documents. From secure data transfer to encrypted storage, rest assured that your confidential information is in safe hands.

Streamlined Workflow Integration: Our services go beyond just scanning; we seamlessly integrate our solutions into your existing workflow. Experience a smoother, more efficient document management process that saves you time and resources. Boost productivity and reduce operational bottlenecks with Forensis.

Comprehensive Support and Expertise: At Forensis, we don’t just offer services; we provide comprehensive support. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to implementation. Benefit from our wealth of experience in document scanning and let us be your trusted partner in efficient document management.


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