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Law Firm Scanning Service

Your Law Firm Files @ Your Fingertips™

Legal Document Scanning Services for law firms of all sizes

Established in 2003 in South Florida, ForensiS has been a trusted partner for hundreds of law firms seeking to transition from outdated paper-based archiving systems to fully digital document environments. Our legal document scanning services have revolutionized how law firms manage their information, offering unparalleled efficiency, security, and client service enhancements while reducing costs.

Instead of grappling with in-house storage solutions, relying on third-party storage providers, or attempting DIY scanning methods, ForensiS provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically to the needs of law firms. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to streamline workflows, safeguard sensitive data, and elevate client experiences.

Law firms of all sizes turn to ForensiS for:

  1. Backfile Conversion: Effortlessly digitize previously archived paper files for seamless integration into your digital system.
  2. Day Forward Scanning: Enjoy the convenience of on-demand pickup services customized to your firm’s requirements.
  3. Hybrid Approach: Experience the best of both worlds with a combination of backfile conversion and day forward scanning, optimizing efficiency and flexibility.

Experience the ForensiS difference and discover a new era of document management tailored to the unique needs of your law firm.

If you are looking for scanning services for active litigation, Click here!

Legal Digital Services Include:



Forensis will provide you with durable, pop-up Forensis boxes for shipping.



Rest easy knowing that our bonded and insured courier service will promptly pick up the designated boxes from your facility, ensuring a hassle-free experience.



We meticulously index your files, adhering to predefined fields from your documents or folders, enhancing accessibility and organization.



Before scanning, our expert team removes all binding instruments, ensuring that your files are in optimal condition for digitization.



Utilizing advanced technology, we scan your documents at a crisp 300 DPI, preserving every detail and nuance. When scanning legal documents, it is important to maintain high-quality images for more accurate OCR results.



Every scanned image undergoes rigorous quality assurance checks, ensuring an exact match with the original document.



Furthermore, we employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to make all text within your documents searchable, facilitating efficient data retrieval.



Your digitized files are delivered on backup DVDs or hard drives, and they are also securely hosted on our platform, MyForensis.com, for convenient access. Moreover, Forensis has the ability to create load-files for most Document Management Platforms.



If you want your files shredded after scanning rest assured that we prioritize your data security. After retaining physical files for a minimum of 30 days, ForensiS securely shreds them, safeguarding your confidential information.



As part of our commitment to exceptional service, our legal scanning service includes a two-hour guarantee on file requests. If you require access to a document while it’s in the processing pipeline, we will securely transfer the digital file to you within 2 business hours of your request. Scanning legal documents with Forensis streamlines the entire process.

Discover the Benefits

  1. Instant Accessibility: Gain immediate access to your closed documents, effortlessly searching and locating files within seconds.
  2. Enhanced Security and Redundancy: Elevate your data security and ensure redundancy in your document management system.
  3. Cost Savings: Experience a significant reduction, or even complete elimination, of storage costs for physical documents.
  4. Optimized Office Space: Free up valuable office space by transitioning to a digital document management system.
  5. Client Retention: Strengthen client relationships by offering efficient and reliable legal document scanning services.

Join the forefront of information management with insights from The Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM), the world’s leading authority on the industry. AIIM recognizes the transformative power of scanning services and identifies how


A Closer Look at the Conversion Process

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Legal Document Scanning Services

What are Legal Document Scanning Services?

Legal Document Scanning Services involve converting physical legal documents into digital formats using advanced scanning technology. This facilitates efficient document management, retrieval, and collaboration.

How Secure is the Legal Document Scanning Process?

Security is paramount. Our legal document scanning services adhere to industry standards, implementing encryption, access controls, and secure transmission protocols to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive legal information.

What Compliance Standards Do You Follow?

We strictly adhere to legal and industry compliance standards, including HIPAA, and other relevant regulations, to guarantee the lawful and secure handling of your legal documents.

How Does Document Scanning Improve Workflow Efficiency in Legal Practices?

Digitizing legal documents streamlines workflows, enabling quicker access, collaboration, and searchability. This efficiency boost translates to time and cost savings for legal professionals.

Can Document Scanning Services Save Costs for Legal Firms?

Yes, significantly. By reducing physical storage needs, minimizing paper usage, and enhancing operational efficiency, legal firms can realize substantial cost savings through document scanning services.

What Role Does OCR Technology Play in Legal Document Scanning?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology converts scanned documents into searchable and editable text, facilitating easy retrieval and manipulation of legal information.

How Can Bulk Scanning Benefit Large Legal Archives?

Bulk scanning is ideal for large legal archives, offering a systematic and organized approach to digitizing extensive document collections, making them easily manageable and accessible.

What Is the Importance of Document Indexing and Organization in Legal Scanning

Proper document indexing ensures quick and accurate retrieval of legal information. Our services prioritize meticulous indexing and organization for efficient document management.

How Does Cloud-Based Document Management Benefit Legal Firms?

Cloud-based solutions provide secure and accessible storage for legal documents, offering flexibility, collaboration features, and disaster recovery options for law offices.

What Quality Assurance Measures Are Implemented During Document Scanning?

Rigorous quality control measures are in place to ensure the accuracy and completeness of legal documents during the scanning process, maintaining the integrity of your records.

What Are the Best Practices for Legal Document Scanning

Our best practices guide covers considerations for a successful transition to digital document management, including planning, security measures, and ongoing maintenance.

How Can Document Scanning Services Assist with Document Retention Policies

We provide expertise in developing and implementing document retention policies, ensuring legal compliance and efficient management of document lifecycles.

Can You Share Success Stories or Case Studies of Legal Firms Benefiting from Your Services?

Yes, we have numerous success stories and case studies illustrating how legal firms have improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced collaboration through our document scanning services.

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Legal Document Scanning?

Mobile document scanning offers on-the-go convenience for legal professionals, allowing for efficient scanning and digitization of documents directly at the client’s office or any location.

How Can Scanned Documents Integrate with Legal Software?

Scanned documents seamlessly integrate with popular legal software, ensuring compatibility and facilitating comprehensive case management for legal professionals.

How Can I Choose the Right Legal Document Scanning Service for My Firm?

Choosing the right service involves considerations such as security measures, experience, technology, and client reviews. We can guide you through the process to ensure a tailored solution for your firm.

Do You Offer Consultations for Legal Firms Interested in Document Scanning Services?

Absolutely. We provide consultations to understand your specific needs and tailor our services to align with the requirements of your legal practice.

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    Forensis offers expert legal document scanning services, ensuring accurate digitization for archival purposes. Trust us to preserve your legal documents securely and efficiently.