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Digital Document Scanning Services and Hosting

For over 2 decades, Forensis is the go-to-leader for digital document management services and applications.


Cutting Edge Technology

ForensiS is the most affordable and efficient solution to your paper management challenges.


State-of-the-Art Facilities & Technologies

Document Scanning Services done right, the first time.


Document Scanning Services With a Commitment to Excellence

Florida’s Premier Source for Digital Document Scanning Services and Web-Based Document Solutions.

Discover the Finest Digital Solutions from Forensis!

Your Documents @ Your FingertipsTM

Are you drowning in a sea of paper documents? Streamline your business processes and enhance efficiency with Forensis’ professional digital services. We specialize in transforming physical documents into accessible, digital assets that empower your organization to thrive in the digital age.

With a track record spanning more than twenty years, Forensis has solidified its position as the proven and leading document scanning company.

Ready to revolutionize your document management? Contact us today for a free document scanning services consultation!


Document Scanning Services

With a relentless commitment to affordability and efficiency, ForensiS is fully prepared to meet all your document scanning and management needs. Embrace the power of our advanced services to streamline your business processes and stay ahead in today’s digital landscape. Learn more about our digital services today!

Web-Based Document Portals

Forensis centers its application development on two fundamental principles: power and ease-of-use. This approach has yielded great success, resulting in three flagship document management applications that are consistently praised for being “user-friendly” and “feature-rich.” Learn more on MyForensis.com


At Forensis, we are a leading document scanning company dedicated to serving a wide array of industries. Our specialized document scanning services are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across various sectors, from healthcare and finance to legal and beyond.


When it comes to meeting your needs, ForensiS goes above and beyond, offering a range of tailored digital document scanning services that ensure a comprehensive solution:


ForensiS offers high-quality ForensiS boxes designed for secure shipment. Our boxes are both durable and extremely easy to assemble (popup style).


Enjoy the utmost convenience as ForensiS takes care of arranging seamless box pickups right from your facility.


Rely on our meticulous indexing process, which efficiently organizes files using folder names or predetermined fields.


Trust in our attention to detail as we meticulously remove binding instruments from files before scanning, ensuring precision throughout.


Immerse yourself in top-tier scanning technology as we digitally transform your paper document into digital format with high-resolution (300DPI) text searchable PDFs. Our high-speed scanners will scan up to size 11″ x 17″. For all large format documents, over 11″ x 17″, Forensis has special large format scanners.  Learn more about large format scanning


Each scanned image undergoes rigorous analysis, ensuring a flawless replication of the original document.


With our cutting-edge OCR technology, your scanned documents become easily searchable, significantly enhancing accessibility. We originally scan in greyscale in TIFF format and then do a document conversion to text searchable PDF’s.


Seamlessly receive your files through various mediums such as DVDs, CDs, or hard drives. Moreover, Forensis has its own document management system, namely Myforensis.com,  that makes records management easy and efficient. Learn more about Myforensis.com


If you so wish, your physical files are safeguarded by ForensiS for a span of 30 days, after which they undergo secure shredding to maintain absolute confidentiality.


Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted access, ForensiS is dedicated to a swift 2-hour response time for all your file requests. This eliminates business interruptions while we are performing the document scanning services for your files.


Empowering Businesses Through Innovative Document Scanning Services

At Forensis, our mission is centered on equipping businesses with state-of-the-art digital services and transformative applications. Our goal is to enhance your productivity, efficiency, customer service, and security, furnishing you with the essential resources to excel beyond your competitors. Embark on a journey of discovery with Forensis solutions, and propel your business to unparalleled heights.

(305) 757-9393

Forensis document scanning services is SOC 2 Compliant


With a history of over two decades, Forensis is a reliable document imaging company that upholds rigorous security protocols and procedures, ensuring the safeguarding of our clients’ interests.

Our company proudly holds a prestigious SOC 2, Type 2 certification, independently verified by an accounting and auditing firm. This certification validates our commitment to providing top-notch document scanning services and web-based applications with a strong focus on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Our comprehensive evaluation covers essential aspects such as security management, written policies and procedures, physical and network security, user access management, system monitoring, and software development standards.

Click here for more information on SOC 2 Audits from the America Institute of CPA’s



What type of insurance does the document scanning company have?

Because document scanning companies are often handling confidential paper documents, it is important that they carry the right types of insurance, which includess, but is not limited to. Professional Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions, Cyber Liability, and Valuable Papers Insurance. It is also important to see their Certificate of Insurance to see coverage amounts.

What type of security protocols and audits does the scanning company have?

  • Have they ever gone through a SOC 2 Audit in the past? To learn more, visit American Institute of CPA’s information on SOC 2 Audits
  • If it is a medical project, are they HIPAA compliant, and HIPAA certified? Do they have an updated Business Associate Agreement required by HIPAA?
  • Do they perform criminal background checks on employees? How often is this done? Can they provide documentation?
  • Will they provide you with their security procedures and protocols manual?
  • Do they have a disaster recovery plan in place?

Do they offer different pricing models?

Are they flexible in its pricing models? Do they offer pricing per page, per file, and per box for their document scanning services?

When considering pricing, review your documents to determine if many of them are printed on both sides (duplex). This is because if you are billed per page, this could potentially double your costs, even though the workload and time required for the service company remain relatively constant. In such situations, we suggest inquiring about per-box pricing as an alternative.”

If you were to hire a company to digitize files, how do they handle Quality Control (QC)?

  • Do they look at every image to make sure it turned out ok, or do they just spot-check?
  • Do they also do this for the indexing information?
  • Do they separate the areas of production so that a different worker is working on a different
    step to check the work of the previous step (indexing, prepping, scanning, quality assurance/ quality control,

What are your options after your scanning project is completed?

  • Does the scanning company look at every image to make sure it turned out ok, or do they just spot-check?
  • Do they also do this for the indexing information?
  • Do they separate the areas of production so that a different worker is working on a different
    step to check the work of the previous step (indexing, prepping, scanning, quality assurance/ quality control,

What DPI (Dots Per Inch) does the document scanning company scan at?

The recognized industry standard for high-quality images is 300 DPI (dots per inch). It’s essential to inquire with the scanning service provider whether they adhere to this 300 DPI standard. Some providers may opt for a quicker scanning process at 240 DPI, but it’s important to note that this may compromise image quality and result in less accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Click here to learn more about proper scanning resolutions.

Do they include OCR service?

Most companies include OCR services so that your scanned images are text searchable. To learn more about OCR, click here!

Will they keep a back-up copy of your data if needed?

For backup redundancy purposes, ask whether the document scanning services include securely storing a redundant copy for disaster recovery purposes. Also, ask how long they will keep the copy of the scanned images and metadata and how that information will be saved and secured.

How long have they been digitizing documents?

Before you make a decision regarding document imaging services, make sure that they have been in business for a while. Document scanning projects need to be done right the first time … because there often is no next time. Look at their history, whether they’ve been involved in any lawsuits and the types of companies they worked for in the past. The 3 reference rule is always a sound idea.

Will they offer references of other companies (similar to yours) that have used their scanning services?

It is important that the company you choose has experience with servicing a company or organization like yours. Most of the time, digital images are replacing their paper counterparts, so getting it right the first time is of the utmost importance! Moreover, having a company that has performed services for your industry will help in making sure it is done as quickly and precisely as possible.


At first glance, the process of scanning files might appear straightforward. Feed the documents into a scanner, and voila – your files are digitized. However, delving deeper reveals a complexity that demands attention. Below, you’ll find essential information to factor in while seeking a document scanning company for your paper-related challenges.


Mastering the Learning Curve of Document Scanning Services

    Indexing Methodology: Crafting an effective naming convention for your files is crucial. A well-structured framework ensures your team can swiftly locate the information they need.
    Equipment Selection: Navigating the landscape of scanners, capture software, scanning computers, and backup services requires careful consideration. Determining the right tools and maintenance strategies is paramount.
    Quality Control: Ensuring the integrity of your scanned images and files is a cornerstone task. Establishing robust quality control procedures and protocols guarantees the accuracy of your digital records.

With over two decades of expertise in this field, Forensis possesses the insights to develop a tailored indexing system aligned with your business needs. We provide access to top-tier equipment that guarantees optimal quality, and we’ve implemented rigorous quality assurance measures. This ensures that your digital files are exact duplicates of their original counterparts. Trust Forensis to guide you through the intricacies of document scanning services with precision and efficiency.

Experience the freedom from:

  • Hiring Staff: No need to expand your workforce.
  • Training Staff: Eliminate the burden of training.
  • Managing Staff: Forensis handles the management.
  • Additional Staff Costs: Avoid incurring extra payroll expenses.

By opting for Forensis, you and your team can dedicate efforts to revenue-generating endeavors, leaving document management to us.

Achieve substantial savings by eliminating the need to invest in and maintain:

  • Scanning Equipment
  • Capture Software
  • Backup Server Equipment
  • Document Management Software/Hosting

Yearly, Forensis undertakes significant capital expenditures to ensure we remain equipped with the latest and most advanced scanning technology and software.

Liberate your office space!

By outsourcing, you will not have to use valuable office space for these tasks. Instead, you can use expensive office space for revenue-generating initiatives. Free up storage space today by converting your paper documents into digital format.

Top Quality is Paramount

In the realm of digitizing documents, precision is paramount. The implications of misplaced digital files or pages marred by inaccuracies can wreak havoc on a business. It’s imperative to establish comprehensive Quality Control procedures and protocols that not only mitigate errors but also uphold the integrity of your digital framework.

Benefit from our 20+ years of pioneering experience in the scanning industry. We’ve meticulously devised a multitude of quality control measures to safeguard each facet of the process – from indexing and preparation to scanning, OCR, and final output. Our commitment to precision sets us apart as industry leaders.

Learn more about all the benefits of document scanning services by taking a look at this article that shows the top 6 reasons

Document Scanning Services – Pricing Options

At Forensis, we understand the importance of clear and transparent pricing for our document scanning services. Whether you have a small project or need to digitize extensive paper records, we offer flexible pricing options to meet your needs. In this article, we’ll delve into how we structure our pricing based on the volume and complexity of your document scanning requirements.

Our Pricing Options

At Forensis, we recognize that our clients have diverse document scanning requirements, which is why we offer a range of pricing models to cater to your specific needs. Our commitment to flexibility ensures you can choose the pricing structure that aligns perfectly with your project. Let’s explore the various pricing models we offer:

1. Pricing by the Page: Most scanning companies calculate project costs based on a per-page pricing model. This typically involves a fee per scanned image, along with an additional charge for indexing the files. This approach offers clarity and precision in pricing for clients who prefer a per-page basis.

2. Pricing by the File: Some of our clients, especially title companies and law firms, appreciate a per-file charge, particularly when their files are consistent in size. This model is advantageous as clients can potentially pass on the digital conversion and storage costs to their own clients, creating an efficient cost recovery system.

3. Pricing by the Box: For clients who organize their paper documents into boxes, we provide a straightforward and easy-to-understand pricing model based on the number of boxes you need to scan. This approach simplifies cost estimation and aligns with the common practice of document storage using boxes.

4. Pricing by the Project: Although less common, some clients prefer a flat fee for the entire scanning project. Forensis is well-equipped to accommodate such requests. This pricing model is especially beneficial for clients seeking a comprehensive, all-inclusive service.


Ready to revolutionize your document management? Contact us today for a free consultation. Let Forensis be your partner in your digital initiatives!

ForensiS Headquarters

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Toll Free – (866) 757-9393


Monday through Friday – 7:00AM to 11:00PM
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Gregg Pizzi
Gregg Pizzi
22:18 24 Feb 21
These guys are not only professional, knowledgable, and friendly; they pay attention to each detail. You can tell they... enjoy what they do, as they do it with a smile and on-time. It was seamless using their service, and it inspired confidence in my team. I would use them again in a heartbeat.read more
Jared Stevens
Jared Stevens
16:56 25 Nov 20
Working with Sergio and team at Forensis has been wonderful. I have dealt with other scanning vendors in the past and... have had nothing but problems. Forensis was 100% professional throughout the entire process. I could not be happier.read more
Lawrence Lampert
Lawrence Lampert
16:37 12 Nov 20
Had an emergency situation where I had to retrieve medical records and store them from a location closed abruptly while... I was out of state during the pandemic. I interviewed several companies and contracted with Sergio to digitize and then shred them. He sent a truck to pick them up immediately. His service was first class stress free, and he continues to accommodate my need to access records remotely until I get home. Everything from start to finish has been perfect including service, response times, the quality of his work. I highly recommend.read more
Kurt Hermanni
Kurt Hermanni
17:27 21 Aug 20
We have been using the services of this company for many years. As a law firm (HLLG) we are very impressed with their... professionalism and their ability to accommodate all requests. We love working with Sergio and feel that he is a true professional. We highly and without any hesitation recommend this company for all your scanning needs. Thank you!read more
Gira Medina
Gira Medina
06:17 03 Jul 20
I just love working with this company Forensis. They are professional efficient reliable. They are always available if... I need anything that has yet to be scanned. They troubleshoot any issues we may have very quickly.They are trustworthy and have great customer service. I highly recommend Forensis. Florida Title Professionals, Inc.read more
Raquel Lamberti
Raquel Lamberti
18:41 06 May 20
Forensis is my go-to service for everything scanning and copying. They are professional, fast, accommodating and... helpful. Chris H. goes above and beyond and is the utmost professional and helpful.read more
Betty Llorente
Betty Llorente
15:12 07 Mar 20
I have been a customer of Forensis since the moment i started my practice. I can't believe the efficiency they have... with regards to scanning files and provided access to our files. Not only has it saved me space but money. They are truly a class act of a company. Sergio and Chris are amazing at giving the customer service that is necessary. I would highly recommend them.read more
Deborah Hardt
Deborah Hardt
17:02 21 Feb 20
We used Forensis to scan old church documents and photos. I could not be happier with the service. From the initial... phone call to the final email they were fantastic. They helped with the collection of the materials - their couriers were great and they kept us up to date on the progress of the scanning. They made sure we were happy with how they were doing things and the final result was just what we had expected. They are organized, professional, friendly and efficient. I would definitely use them again and I would whole heartedly recommend them.read more
Ramiro UM
Ramiro UM
11:12 28 Nov 19
Helpful people helping everyone!
burton mars
burton mars
16:00 23 Apr 19
the staff were very helpful, courteous, and prompt to my needs I highly recommend using Forensis
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney
13:43 17 Apr 19
Sergio and his team are wonderful people to work with and as a client I wish more vendors worked as efficient as... Forensis does. I've never had a problem that Sergio couldn't fix and he makes the process so simple it would be hard to not want to do business with him. If you ever need a document management company then you've found the right one!!!read more
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