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From Paper Mountains to Streamlined Success: This is how Forensis assisted Ryder Systems in achieving a reduction of its headquarters’ footprint by 83.9%

In 2023, Ryder Systems, a leading logistics and transportation company, faced a familiar challenge: The cause of that problem was an incredible number of paper documents that overstuffed their national headquarters and threatened to turn into a sea. Files and documents were piling up in filing cabinets, making working space limited and less efficient, and wasting office space. Ryder, set on improving the efficiency within the company and cutting costs, sought the help of Forensis, a top Miami document scanning company.

The Challenge: Ryder Systems Inc: Drowning in Paperwork?

Ryder’s national headquarters encompassed various departments with disparate document management requirements, including contracts, invoices, human resource documents, and operational procedures. Such a process of handling this paper-based documentation was quite tedious and cumbersome. Reaching out for certain documents required going through large drawers filled with files, which took much of the time and affected efficiency. Additionally, the physical space to store these paper based records was a major concern and reduced the usable office space. As for the office space, Ryder wanted to have the documents easily retrievable and with less physical space occupied.

The Solution: Forensis Document Scanning & Digital Transformation

Ryder collaborated with Forensis to perform a full scale document scanning project for all the departments located in the headquarters. The team of experts at Forensis carefully designed a secure and effective process of change to the digital environment. undefined

  • Free Consultation: Forensis talked to Ryder to know the situation of document management and the requirements they have.
  • Secure Document Pickup: It was possible to choose the method of document collection with the help of Forensis, which would make the process as comfortable as possible.
  • Expert Scanning & Indexing: With the help of the latest technology, Forensis has to scan all the documents and convert them into high-quality, searchable PDFs using OCR technology.
  • Secure Storage & Access: All the digital documents belonging to Ryder were kept in the cloud storage of Forensis which provided 24/7 access with strong user control mechanisms.
  • Ongoing Support: They also offered follow-up assistance that helped to make the switch to the paperless system as smooth as possible.

The Result: 83. 9% Reducing the size of headquarters & Unrivalled Advantage.

The effects of the document scanning services provided by Forensis: A Case of Ryder Systems was very significant. Here’s what they achieved:

  • Space Savings: By implementing the paperless office system, Ryder was able to cut back on their national headquarters space by a whopping 80 percent, thanks to the elimination of the need for file cabinets. This helped to create more space for other activities within the office as opposed to storage.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: As a result, documents were easily retrievable in electronic format, avoiding the need for laborious searches and enhancing efficiency throughout the organization.
  • Improved Security: Digital documents are secure for they employ strong encryption to protect data from being accessed by unauthorized persons.
  • Disaster Recovery: One of the major advantages of digital documents is that they cannot be damaged by fire or water and are easily available at any time from any place.
  • Environmental Impact: Eliminating the use of paper is beneficial because it supports Ryder’s environmental management systems.

The case of Ryder Systems is rich in examples of how document scanning can impact a company in the context of today’s world. They managed to cut costs, increase productivity, increase security measures, and adopt a greener approach to business through a partnership with Forensis.

Here are some steps to help you to plan a paperless transformation for your company. Let Forensis help you get started with document scanning services today and see the improvements it can make to your business! If you want to learn more, Click here to learn more about document scanning services